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Smile Brain International

Human and Language Potential Development Institute (Smile Brain) was established in 2015. The school location in Thanyaburi district Pathum Thani Province With a total area of 422 square wah, with a total of 6 classrooms (6-10 people each class) able to accommodate 300 students
Formerly a learning and intellectual development center For children from 2 years and older with certification from the Ministry of Education Integrated learning activities are organized based on the following key concepts: 

1) Intellectual and brain concepts, 

2) Holistic care psychology concepts, and 

3) Learning concepts and teaching techniques. 

Emphasize using English as the base for learning Taught by foreign teachers And expert persons and have psychological expertise in developing, helping, remedying and solving problems in an individualized way In parallel with the school Resulting in a good response Especially the group of students who encounter English language problems Resulting in students interested in English language development From many schools Enroll in “Program to develop intelligence and language” many Saturday-Sunday Until more than 600 students have been enrolled in the program, and 200 are in the process of being enrolled.
From receiving a lot of attention, the learning and intellectual development center With a growth rate of up to 900% within 3 years to the Institute for Human and Language Development (Smile Brain), which opens to develop additional courses Which currently consists of 4 important programs as follows
1) Early Childhood Education
2) Intelligence & Language
3) Language & Experimental
4) Activities and Camp
5) Online English Programs
Under the principle of “all human beings can develop to international excellence” most students are Thai students and foreign students come to study such as Canada, Germany, Africa, etc. The educational system of the United States and Thailand uses techniques to improve the brain’s ability in Japan Combined with behavioral adjustment psychology techniques By using English as the primary language of instruction

Early Childhood Education
ภาษาอังกฤษสำหรับ ประถมศึกษา
ภาษาอังกฤษสำหรับ เด็กมัธยม

CEO & Founders

Mr.Raphiphat Suwannasri


ดร.ธิรดา สุวัณณะศรี

Dr.Thirada Suwannasri

Education Management

Smile Brain Team

Teacher Christ


Teacher Sam


Henry SBI

Teacher Henry


Teacher Ashu


Teacher Miame




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