Line ID
____? I’m from Italy.
____? It’s 6 o’clock in the evening.
We would like to have dinner at ____.
____ is your brother? He’s 20 years old.
Sorry, ____ Tom. My name is Charles.
Oh, ____ are my books!
Phuket is in the ____ of Thailand.
Where is the cat?
Who is he?
This is a dog.
Man: Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the bank?
Situation: At an interview
John: Do you live in Bangkok?
Yupin: No, I’m from upcountry.
John: Oh, really? _______
Yupin: Chiang Rai.
Follow me, please- We will ____ to the supermarket.
You can learn about experiment plants and animals in _____
They do these exercises by ____
A: What’s your hobby?
B: My hobby is ______
Nit: Can we have a table for 2, please?
Waiter: Yes, of course. This way, please. Here is the menu.
Nit: We only need some drinks. We would like _____?
Waiter: OK, Sir.

What do they probably order?
Where is the bank?
It’s _________
Tom and his elder sister _______ music at this moment.
All of my children usually _______ up early in morning



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